About APT-Tools

APT-Tools is a suite of programs that have been developed to allow for ready manipulation of Atom Probe Tomography datasets. The goals of each tool differ, but come under the umbrella of APT analysis. Most tools relate to the manipulation or generation of 3D point clounds, so some these tools may well have functional uses outside of the field of atom probe. Currently the tools that we have made available are:
  • posgen - A tool to generate and modify point clouds using a simple text language. Supports generation, spatial transformations and file-format conversions.
  • 3dap-recon - A tool to convert "OPS" files generated from 1990-2000 era "3DAP" systems into directly analysable 3D point clouds (Pos files)
  • levelset2d - Simulates the shape change of atom probe samples as a function of time. 2D based, and using a simple level-set implementation based upon a full-field image method
We have other programs that we are waiting to upload, however our developer time to organise and maintain the software and this website, to sufficiently usable standards is limited. If you are interested in helping out in any way, we would love to hear from you!