Compiling Posgen

Here are the instructions for compilation of the "Posgen" program, for:

Windows (64 bit) - using Cygwin/Cygwin64

If you do not have a cygwin install, download the setup file for your platform (32 bit: x86, 64 bit: x86-64) from the Cygwin homepage. Run the installer, and install the following libraries and development packages. These are direct or indirect dependencies required for compiling the program. Do NOT attempt to download and compile these yourself, unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

  • gcc-core: GNU compiler collection (C, openMP)
  • gcc-g++: GNU compiler collection (C++)
  • libgsl-devel: The GNU Scientific Library
  • libxml2-devel : XML parsing library
  • libiconv: Required by libxml2
  • libiconv-devel: Required by libxml2
  • liblzma-devel: LZMA Compression library
  • libqhull-devel: Qhull, a convex hull library
Then to install the latest posgen source code:
  • Install tortoisehg, a GUI for the source code management program "mercurial". Note that the UAC popunder on taskbar needs to be accepted.
  • Open the cygwin prompt
  • To obtain a copy of the source code for the posgen program, execute the following command :

    hg clone posgen
  • To change into the posgen folder, execute :

    cd posgen
  • To start the compilation process:

  • This should create the posgen program. You need to run it from inside the cygwin prompt, or you will get messages about missing DLLs when trying to run the program (don't just double-click it).