Compiling RDF-KD

Here are the instructions for compilation of the "rdf-kd" program, for various platforms

Windows (32 bit), via cygwin

Install dependencies

  • Download Cygwin, if you don't have it already.
  • Install the following dependencies using the cygwin installer
    • libqhull-devel
    • libqhull_6
    • gcc4-g++
    • gsl-devel
    • gsl
    • libxml2
    • libxml2-devel
    • make
  • Download Tortoise Hg: download page Note you may need to run the tortoiseHg program as administrator to get it to install


  • Install tortoisehg. - note UAC popunder on taskbar needs to be accepted.
  • Open the Cygwin terminal - a link should be on your desktop.
  • Run hg clone rdf-kd - this can also be done from the graphical interface using tortoise hg's "clone" function. Just ensure that the cloned folder ends up in C:\cygwin\home\<username>
  • type cd rdf-kd and press enter
  • type make - this should proceed without errors.
Then you should be able to go to the src/ directory, and execute ./rdf-kd. If everything was successful, then the output from this should look something like :
$ ./rdf-kd.exe
rdf-kd: KD-Tree based RDF calculation tool for point data
Copyright (C) 2013 Daniel Haley
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see LICENCE file.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions. Source code is available under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.0 or any later version

rdf-kd program by D Haley
Version: 0.0.1 (unstable, revision 6) Jan 2013
USAGE: rdf-kd xmlFile