The repositories are for programming code, useful to people who want to inspect or alter code. If you are looking for runnable programs or are not sure what you want, please go to the download page.

There are several mercurial repositories from which the code to the utilities available on this site can be found. To access them, you will need a mercurial client, and a working knowledge of how to check-out repositories using mercurial (its not too hard).

  • 3dap-recon reconstruction of atom probe point clouds from 3DAP systems.
  • levelset2d - level set based shape evolution for atom probe tips
  • posgen - Point cloud operation system (move,analyse,edit, etc) program, using XML input to alter the point clouds
  • rdf-kd - computes radial distribution functions in APT datasets (i.e. point clouds).
  • extras - Various additional APT tools, such as auto-assisted ranging, peak identification and range sanity checking tools.
  • libatomprobe - C++ library containing many support classes and algorithms for atom probe. Can be re-used in your own projects